If sponsorship of the Tour of Somerville pb Unity Bank isn't for you, advertising is your solution. With targeted opportunities, you can choose between advertising in print with course boards, advertising with commentator announcements, or both.

Each year we print and distribute an Race Guide Booklet with advertising opportunities. Advertising deadlines for this booklet end on May 1 each year. If you're reading this and it's after May 1, then we look forward to having your support with either the printed course board or commentator announcements.

Commentator Announcements

Sponsor a prime (mid-race sprint) for the commentators to say your organization's name when offering cash incentive to racers during the event.

Amateur Races

$400 each, 24 available, limit 3 per race

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Professional Races

$600 each, 6 available, limit 3 per race

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50% of your purchase goes directly to the race, with 50% supporting the Tour of Somerville

IMPORANT: Any cash incentives delivered to the stage on race day will be accepted as a contribution to the Crowd Primes for the selected event. Funds delivered to the stage on race day will not be eligible for individual promotional purposes.

Printed Start/Finish Panel

96" x 39" coroplast panel printed with you logo and displayed on the fencing leading to the start/finish area


Vector logo REQUIRED - production design included in the price to ensure best legibility and representation of your brand